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Warranty Policy

The Limited Warranty / Adjustment Policy (Policy) is a promise of replacement under certain specified conditions.

This Policy applies to radial agricultural Mitas tires in normal agricultural service displaying adjustable conditions (see Section 4) and does not require the existence of a manufacturing defect in order to qualify for adjustment.

This Policy is not a guarantee that the Mitas tire will not fail or become unserviceable if neglected or mistreated.

1. Eligibility

This Policy is eligible for the following:
1st Quality New Radial Mitas Tires (Tires) manufactured and/or sold after September 1st, 2012, and distributed by Mitas Tires North America, Inc. (Mitas) and bearing the manufacturer’s identification and DOT production date and used in normal agricultural service. This Policy applies to either the Original Consumer / Owner or User of the Tires or the original purchaser of the agricultural equipment mounted with the Tires (Customer).

Mitas brand radial agricultural tires in the following designations:

  • AC 85
  • AC 70 T
  • AC 70 G
  • AC 70 H
  • AC 70 N
  • HC 70
  • AC 90 H
  • AC 65
  • SFT

2. What is the adjustment policy and for how long?

Warranty coverage is for a maximum period of six years (72 months) from the date of purchase*. If a Tire in normal agricultural service becomes unserviceable within the time or treadwear periods shown below, it will be replaced with a Comparable New 1st Quality Premium Radial Mitas Brand Tire (Replacement Tire) according to A, B, and C below.



First 24 MonthsFirst 25 %
(whichever comes first)

Actual proof of purchase must be attached to the claim.

* If a Tire’s months of service cannot be accurately determined, the adjustment credit will be based upon the date of manufacture (Tire production date) e. g. 3812, 38th week of 2012, and tread depth remaining. New Warranty Conditions are valid for Tires manufactured after September 1th, 2012.

Mitas will also make a service allowance for Tires covered under the Free Replacement Policy as follows:

  • A flat service fee reimbursement of $ 75 per Tire and
  • A labor reimbursement of $ 1 per 10 mm of tread width per Tire (e. g. 480/80 R 42 will be $ 48) and
  • A disposal allowance of $ 0.07 per lb per Tire


After the Free Replacement Policy expires and the Tire is still within six years (72months) of the date of purchase*, the Customer will receive a Replacement Tire considering a credit allowance equal to the % of tread depth remaining.

* If a Tire’s months or service cannot be accurately determined then the credit will be based on the date of manufacture.


  1. Stubble penetration(s) are not covered by the stubble damage warranty
  2. To qualify for a stubble damage claim, a mechanical device must have been used to push down severe stubble prior to any contact with the Tire and proof provided to substantiate the claim
  3. The field hazard / stubble damage qualifying period is three years following the purchase of the Tire or machine. For Tires acquired as part of original equipment purchase, a copy of the equipment invoice must be provided
  4. The Tire must be completely unserviceable and non repairable
  5. There are no reimbursements for mounting or any other service charges of any kind (such as liquid ballasting)
  6. For stubble damage claims, the percentage of allowance will be based on the manufacturers’ evaluation of the fulfillment of the customer’s obligations for stubble damage warranty as set out below. If a Tire running under normal agricultural service becomes completely unserviceable and non-repairable due to field hazard or stubble damage, the Customer will receive a replacement credit towards the purchase of a Replacement Tire equal to the % shown below:
Tire Service*Tread Depth Remaining% Credit Allowance
up to 12 months75 % or moreup to 75 %
up to 24 months50 % or moreup to 50 %
up to 36 months25 % or moreup to 25 %
No credit allowed after 36 months or less than 25 % tread depth remaining

Tubes are not eligible under the Field Hazard / Stubble Damage Policy

* If a Tire’s months of service cannot be accurately determined, the adjustment credit will be based upon the production date of the Tire and remaining tread depth.


In order to qualify for stubble damage warranty, the Customer must employ good operating practices to minimize the effect of stubble damage such as, but not limited to,

1. Making the first tillage pass parallel to the rows with Tires aligned between the rows not directly on the stubble
2. Use of mechanical device to push down stubble prior to any contact with the Tires

3. How pro-rata credits are calculated

The Tire replacement credit (% or tread depth remaining or % specified under Field Hazard / Stubble Damage Policy and within the specific time period) will be multiplied by the adjusting dealer’s regular buying price (excluding tax) at the time of the claim for the Replacement Tire.

4. What is not covered by the policy?


Tread wear-out or tire failure resulting from improper mounting, demounting, damaged rim, rim slip, tire / wheel assembly imbalance, mismounting or adjacent tires trueing, chain damage, improper storage, improper repair or insertion or sealant, balance or filler material, petroleum damage, extreme temperature exposure, breaks or any similar mechanical problem, loss or liquid ballast, misuse, negligence or abusive driving such as tire spinning, racing or pulling contests, fire or accident damage, use or improper tube broken or kinked beads, repairable puncture or cuts, field hazards (unless specifically covered by the Field Hazard / Stubble Damage Policy), improper operation-load, speed or roading, and inflation practices outside of the manufacturer’s specification and / or causing excessive operational temperatures to exceed the Tire capabilities, Tire used in logging, industrial, earthmoving or land-leveling operations, intentional alteration of either the appearance or physical characteristics of the Tire.


Tires in service for longer than 6 years (72 months) from the date of purchase are not covered by the Policy. If satisfactory proof of purchase date is not provided, the date of manufacture (Tire production date) will be used.

No Mitas employee, retailer or dealer has the authority to make any warranty, representation, promise or agreement on behalf of Mitas except as stated in this Policy.

Tires on agriculture equipment registered and normally operated outside the United States and Canada are not covered under this Policy.

Tread wearout is not covered by this Policy because of variation in equipment conditions of use and driver habits. Mitas does not warrant that any tire will achieve a predetermined period of service.

LIMITATION OF REMEDY: TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, MITAS DISCLAIMS LIBALILITY FOR ALL CONSEQUENTIAL AND INCIDENTAL DAMAGES. Some states do not allow the exclusion of limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to the Customer. This Policy gives the Customer the rights, and the Customer may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.

5. Mitas’ obligations

Replacement qualifying under the Policy will be made by any Mitas agricultural tire dealer or equipment dealer authorized to handle a Mitas adjustment. Mitas will replace the Tire pursuant to the terms of this Policy.

6. Customer’s obligation

To make a claim under this Policy concerning any problems with a Tire covered by the Policy, the Customer must present its claim with the Tire to any Mitas-appointed retailer or distributor authorized to handle tire adjustments. Tires replaced on an adjustment basis become the property of Mitas. The Customer will be required to sign the Mitas Adjustment Replacement Claim Form or a dealer replacement sales receipt.

The Customer is responsible for payment of all applicable taxes, demounting / mounting and balancing of all tires. The Customer is also responsible for payment for any parts or services ordered regardless of the months of service. This includes payment for tire rotation, alignment, towing, road service, valve stems and tire repair.